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Company Profile

Lesedi Global is a London based Mergers & Acquisitions ("M&A") private firm focused on mid-market companies with revenues ranging from £1 million to over £50 million in Europe, America and Africa.  As a private firm, Lesedi engages directly with business owner / sellers to ensure we achieve success by balancing the seller's goals and our objectives deliver.

Lesedi Global derives its name from the third largest diamond ever found. This diamond in the rough is named Lesedi La Rona meaning "Our Light" in Botswana.

Lesedi Global in the same breathe shines the light in the Mergers and Acquisitions world by offering businesses transparent and straightforward ways in business exits and capital growth. Lesedi combines industry expertise with world class operational management to form strategic partnerships through its equity and non-equity investments in a wide variety of sectors.

Lesedi prides itself on improving operational performance and service offerings across its portfolio to increase shareholder value, create synergies across global markets, drive economies of scale and capital growth. Through its in-depth knowledge, experience and extensive network, Lesedi Global's aim is to structure investment deals for joint venture partners, turnaround financially distressed businesses and structure exits and divestments for motivated business sellers.


Our Value Add

Lesedi maximises value and growth through:

  • Innovation / Technology
  • Synergies / Collaboration
  • Customer focus
  • People / Industry expertise
  • Partners / Networks


Our global reach cuts across Europe, America and Africa in industries where sustainable growth can be derived from new markets and high return on sales and supported by stable economic drivers such as:

  • food
  • technology
  • services
  • healthcare
  • consumer goods
  • natural resources
  • manufacturing
  • retail
  • construction and engineering
  • hospitality and entertainment








Acquisition Profiles

Our primary focus is on buying companies that are successful, growing and profitable in our existing business sectors. We consider distressed or turnaround businesses where we see opportunities to achieve greater synergy and economies of scale.

Our businesses must have a minimum of the following:

  • resilient, long-term growth drivers
  • solid customer base
  • cash generative, low capital intensity, good profit margins and high return on capital employed
  • entrepreneurial managers / management teams

If you own or represent a business and you are looking to exit your business or expand into new and emerging markets, Get in touch today.